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Robin Williams bonding with Koko, the gorilla, to quell your sads. 

makes me so happy and sad

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Honda CBX750 ‘M1-21′ by Kerkus Cycles

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"I’m still learning
how to just

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Seems legit.




Seems legit.


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Costco doesnt fuck around

I would sacrifice a stray cat to satan for that bottle of vodka rn.

I’m crying

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Urban Motor Brat Bob

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I recently felt to awake in the middle of the night and to write this train of thought out, and to share it, where it might be appreciated by someone other than my unconcious mind. Who would in all honesty, be the only one to rights if I had not written it down. If it is rough and needs a suggested editting, I would appreciate the notation. Here we go:

There is something beautiful in life. In what we see everyday. It isn’t the inexplicably rare things that make it so completely, and overwhelmingly wonderous to be alive; but more the mundane. We take them for granted and we do not cherish the good and the joys that are part of that. Do I appreciate the cynics, misanthropes, and those of a general and daily ennui. Why of course, they add and create things that those in a not likewise position would be able to comprehend.

But, at the same time I pity them in many ways. If they find the fierceness of spirit to be offended at that idea then I am happy for them. But if they are just as likely to accept my pity than it is all the same to pity them. Why, you might ask? Because, it is a deep and lost sense of perspective that allows us to miss the beauty in the simplest and most commonplace of things. The Japanese of times come before us, believed that the perfection of every action, through practice of the everyday, could bring a peace of mind and sense of satisfaction and appreciation little else could. That ideal being Zen. I am prone to agree, in like mindedness if not just to support the point of this little monologue. I place my idea in this, everyday in this time in place, we have things in our lives that no others will know or experience. We have our secret joys and we feel loss. But there is also this, that we in our lives, will experience things better than most of those who have come before us.

My current love interest confessed to me this. Her uncle is dying. He has only so much time, and when he requested her presence to visit him and watch the sunrise one morning, she felt obligated yes, but she also felt compelled. And so she did, and it brought her a perspective on the simplicity of action and what we must not take for granted in something as simple as the start and end of a day. That tomorrow will never be the same as yesterday, nor that day the same as the one that proceeded it.

I also feel obligated to speak of technology in our lives, so vast and connecting that to use it is not unlike the magic of divination. And yet, with the joys of information and the good it has done us, it has also cursed us with time. And that time has allowed us to cogitate more thoroughly on ourselves than any generation previously. I believe this allows a great many sins involving self-satisfaction and ego-stroking. How else would one explain our current world? I myself am not immune from it, the time and place where being wrapped up in the intangible and utterly frivolous depression of our age. Self-esteem and the like. And yet, it makes up such a big part of our modern world.

I would ask only this of you, learn anything and everything you care to enjoy, experience to the fullest those experiences that would make your life a story to others, and never look to ever put others before the importance of your own sanity and soul. Enjoy the little things. Sunrises and sunsets. Live a human moment every day. Whenever it might happen.